Rugelach….from Tuesdays with Dorie – Baking With Julia

This is the first time I have ever blogged, so am hoping this all goes through alright. Hopefully my blog eventually will be fancier, but am just trying to get the post and the pics right tonight.

Such great items for cooking, all that butter and cream cheese!! I could not find lekvar, so used apricot fruit spread, which I thought would be closest to apple butter. Would have been great to have made the lekvar, but did not have time

Here is my dough separated into two rectangles, very firm dough, ready to go into the fridge for chilling.

After chilling the dough, ready to roll out, what a challenge, but actually was not as hard as I anticipated. Floured surface and rolling pin helped a lot.

All rolled out and trimmed, looking good so far!

All ready to roll up, tucking the fruit pieces in really made sense as it says in the recipe.

Into the fridge for the night to chill…

Out of the oven, I sampled a very small piece that was in the middle…..pretty good!

One of my biggest fans supervising the baking…unfortunately she would not be interested in a bite.

Great recipe, interesting to bake, I liked that it was a little messy and that seemed ok in the finished product. These rugelach do not look anything like what I have had in the past, will have to see how well they are appreciated in my household to see if I will repeat.

This was fun. I look forward to the next baking project.


About vtcook

Hello, I am a quilter with too many projects and not enough time, just like many other quilters! I live in Vermont and work in healthcare.
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